Flash On Mobile Devices Is Passé

Screen-Shot-2011-11-09-at-12.17.08-PMAdobe has been endeavouring for a long time to have ubiquity on mobile devices. Despite the relentless effort of its developers, marketing and public relation teams, Adobe has not succeeded to create omnipresence of Flash on mobile devices. There are many reasons for the same but a large role was played by Apple, lead by Steve Jobs. For a long time, Apple has just rejected the idea of using Flash in its mobile devices and there is no chance in the foreseeable future for Flash to be adopted by Apple. Since Apple does own a substantial chunk of the market using smart phones and tablets, Flash seems to become irrelevant on mobile devices unless Apple endorses it.

Adobe has now formally announced that Flash would no longer be a product that would cater to mobile devices. Although Flash Player 11.1 has been around for quite some time and mobile devices, other than those of Apple, are using this software, it would be the last that Adobe would roll out. The bugs, if any, would be fixed by Adobe but the company will not be developing any more Flash updates or new version of the software for mobile devices. According to the official confirmations from Mike Chambers, the lead of Adobe developer relations, Flash on mobile devices is passé.

What Adobe would be focusing on instead is HTML5 and CSS. Mike has made it public that HTML5 is the future and that most of the future video streaming and animations would be running on HTML5 and CSS3. How much of this decision is due to Apple’s reluctance and firm decision to not integrate Flash is not clear but it certainly has had a bearing.

Adobe has however tried to reassure its investors and the market at large that Flash itself would be around for traditional computers and laptops and the company would continue to develop the software. But the software would not be meant for future mobile devices, ala smart phones and tablets, and that there would not be any more upgrades or updated versions.

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Adobe’s decision may come as a shock for many but those who keep a close eye at the developments are not surprised at all. It was perhaps a matter of time that Adobe understands the omnipresence and omnipotence of HTML5 and CSS or even JavaScript which are clearly the future for touch based interfaces and mobile devices.

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